Property management: property administration and rental management

Do you own a flat or house that you want to rent out without having to worry about anything?
Would you like to have someone you can trust at your side who will take care of the management of all your properties?
A manager who will also be your single point of contact for all questions concerning your files? 

Nova Villas offers you its management contracts from the most essential to the most complete.

At Nova Villas, we offer you quality property management services that are carried out with the utmost professionalism to ensure your satisfaction.
In order to best meet your needs, we offer various management packages: from marketing to the administrative and technical management of your property.

A single manager for all your properties.
Complete management - administrative, legal, financial and technical - of your property.
Peace of mind and a feeling of security, even if you are an expatriate on the other side of the world.
The assurance of working with a serious and professional local agency.

Our rental management contracts allow us to adapt our services to YOUR NEEDS. Our ultra-complete PRIVILEGE package includes all the following services:

Rental entry:

Expertise of the property
Bringing the property into conformity
Search for tenants
Drafting of the rental contract and handling of the security deposit
State of play
Lease registration
Signature of the lease

Rental follow-up:

Follow-up of the collection of rents and charges
Tenant Relationship Management
Tax management
Litigation management
Fire insurance and litigation
Disaster monitoring
Follow-up of the lease contract

Rental output:

Inventory of fixtures
Management of rental damage, if any
Delivery of the guarantee to the tenant
Meter reading
Adjustment of charges, if applicable
Revaluation of the value of the property
Re-letting of the property

Technical and administrative management :

We take charge of the handling of any claim or any possible repairs requiring intervention.

Routine maintenance
Request for quotation, execution of repairs and payment of related invoices
Claims management with insurers
Follow-up and inspection of the good progress of the work

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