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The role of the notary in the purchase process in Spain

What fundamentally distinguishes the Spanish buying and selling process from that of other European countries are mainly the competencies and missions assigned to the notary in the real estate transaction. In many European Union countries, suchas Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the notary participates in the entire procedure. It also has the legal ...

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Who are the foreigners who come to buy a property in Spain?

Spain is a country that welcomes many international buyers, attracted by its favorable climate and culture. The reason for buying homes abroad is mainly tourism and in areas with lots of sun and close to the coast and its beaches. According to the statistical report of the second quarter of 2020 of Registrars of Spain, the College of Property Registrars, the real estate market of international buyers is dominated by the Brit...

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Process of buying a property in Spain

The purchase process for the buyer Once you have found the villa or flat that corresponds exactly to what you are looking for, the purchase procedure follows.   When the seller and the buyer agree on the amount of the transaction, a reservation contract (Reserva de inm...

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Why choose Costa Blanca to travel or buy a home?

For many tourists or expats visiting Spain, the most important decision they must make is choosing between the Costa del Sol, the North Costa Blanca or the South Costa Blanca. What differentiates them from each other? High return on investment in housing Properties on the North Costa Blanca have a greater potential to be revalued on the long run, as prices on the Co...

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